deliverAtoZ is a specialty delivery company that provides restaurant catering delivery and set up. With a management team that has decades of food service experience and a focus on delivering complex food orders, your clients will always receive the hottest and freshest food possible.





Deliver and set-up your food

Keep your employees in the restaurant

Increase sales via online partners

No direct costs to you

We go
where there are
mouths to feed

Currently serving

the Southeast

and regularly moving into new markets.

We'll set up service for you wherever your restaurants are, even if they're outside of our current markets.

Hungry for

more benefits?

We provide everything you need to fulfill your catering business needs

Deliver your food, set-up every order per your specifications and provide a picture of the final set-up when completed

Create your catering menu with your guidance

Create a branded online ordering website

Manage the order taking process

Develop delivery training materials for you

Manage SEO advertising

Provide PCI compliance on every transacation

Only utilize drivers that have complete insurance packages

Present catering sales analysis

Provide tracking of the delivery process until the order is complete

Brands we serve


Let's drive

What's in it for drivers?

As a driver, you'll have a flexible schedule with better pay than other delivery companies. Plus, you'll receive a tip AND food voucher for participating brands, per shift.

Flexible hours

Higher pay

Easy to get started


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207 Regency Executive Dr.
Suite 160,
Charlotte NC 28217